FADER Mix: Grandmixxer

Spectral grime instrumentals from Novelist’s touring DJ.

March 21, 2017
FADER Mix: Grandmixxer Grandmixxer   Vicky Grout

Grandmixxer is a south London DJ and producer who's been spinning grime, garage, and bass on London's pirate radio airwaves for near 10 years. He held down his own rowdy slot on Rinse FM for two and a half years, and now has a weekly residency on Flex FM — but you might have spotted him onstage, touring with scene stalwart Big Narstie and rising MC Novelist. As he works on launching his own label SLSA (South London Space Agency), the grime aficionado has put together a FADER Mix full of extremes: from the most celestial of highs, to the grittiest and bassiest of lows. Hit play below, and join him on a journey through grime.


Where are you right now? Please describe your surroundings.

I am in my flat in Kennington, south London, sitting in my studio by my decks. This room is 100% music, it's where I do all my mixing and production work.

Tell us a bit about this mix — what do you imagine people doing while listening to it?


This mix is a journey. I wanted to start off light and get darker as the journey goes forward. I only tracklisted the first three tunes, and freestyled the rest from there on. I would like people to enjoy the journey and embrace whatever vibes I am throwing at them.

How does the FM pirate radio experience differ from the current landscape of internet radio?

Being on FM and having interactions with the people locked in gives you a kind of buzz that I feel cant be replicated elsewhere on other radio formats. Even with Twitter and chat rooms, there is nothing else like the phoneline going off for a tune that you thought was sick. Pirate radio is like a dress rehearsal and testing ground for whatever you are trying to bring in your sets.


How did you first meet Novelist?

A mutual friend brought him to my mum's flat, and there was a instant chemistry between us. We both loved the sound of grime and we decided to pretty much work together from that point. The rest is history.

How is the process of launching your own label SLSA going?


I am loving it! South London Space Agency is a passion project for me, so it's taken time to get everything right. I've got a single with Uncle Mez coming that is so raw. I've got collab projects and EPs with loads of new producers and established ones. I am just pleased to be able to release my version and vision of the grime sound.

And finally, what's your earliest musical memory?

Studio One reggae music being played in my grandma's house. That was the only music to me during my toddler years; no one in my household listened to any kind of dance or electronic music, so all my earliest music memories are like this.


Grandmixxer, "Windrush Dubplate" (Angel Mix)
Shriekin Specialist, "Temple 2"
Dullahbeatz, "Temple 2"
Grandmixxer, "Jungle Plate"
Ghostly, "3310" (Grandmixxer Remix)
Dullahbeatz, "Dubplate"
ELASTIK & DJ GARNA, "Dubplate"
Dullahbeatz, "P.E"
Spooky Bizzle, "Dragon Village"
RBX, "Rhythm N Gash" (Sir Spyro Remix)
Trends, "Green Forest" (Grandmixxer Dubplate Special)
Waifer, "Schoolage" (Sir Pixalot Remake Dub)
Grandmixxer, "760Li"
D.O.K, "Sega Genesis" (Grandmixxer Edit)
Dullahbeatz, "Vampz"
Dullahbeatz, "No Respect"
Trends, "Hypnotised"
D.O.K, "Killa Clart"
Grandmixxer, "Screaming"
Grandmixxer, "SLSA"
Grandmixxer & Jeb1, "Dubplate"
Dullahbeatz, "Winning 10"


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FADER Mix: Grandmixxer