Tall Juan’s She Devils Cover Captures The Spirit Of ’90s Punk

The Queens-based rocker pays tribute to fellow Argentinians with his cover of their song, “Baby.”

March 22, 2017
Tall Juan’s She Devils Cover Captures The Spirit Of ’90s Punk Tall Juan   Photo by Sacha Lecca

Tall Juan has floppy hair, cool tattoos, and is generally a heartthrob — in that greaser, snuff-out-your-Lucky-Strike-and-spit-on-the-ground kind of way. Even his label likens him to a "Latin Elvis." But on "Baby," the new song from his upcoming album Olden Goldies, the Queens-based rocker makes a point to root his influences in a riot grrrl/queercore spirit.


Much like the original track by Argentinian punk band She Devils, Juan’s cover of “Baby,” premiering today on The FADER, sounds out below a layer of lo-fi noise that's characteristic of D.I.Y. punk. He channels the twangy, upbeat chord progressions of fuzz-folk as he croons the hook in earnestness: "Hey baby que vas a hacer/ Quedate donde quieran que estes/ Haciendo lo que sea que quieran que hagas" (which translates roughly to "Hey baby what are you gonna do?/ Are you gonna stay where they want you to stay?/ Doing whatever they want you to do?/ We want to get away from here").

"[She Devils are] a big influence for me," Tall Juan wrote in an email to The FADER. "They fought for women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and were advocates for freedom of choice. I dedicate this song to all the people in my life who struggle and support them in their fight against this macho world."


Tall Juan's Olden Goldies is out May 5 via BUFU Records. Listen to "Baby" below.

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Tall Juan’s She Devils Cover Captures The Spirit Of ’90s Punk