Forever's "Heaven’s Mouth” Video Is A Sexy Buffet Of Food

Half of the Montreal feminist collective Girl’s Club explore softness.

April 03, 2017

"Heaven's Mouth," the second single from Forever a.k.a June Moon, is a bedroom R&B track as plush as a newly fluffed down pillow. It's also undeniably sexy: "I've got two mouths to feed / Got nowhere to be / Cover all of me," Moon sings with an effervescent and sultry falsetto. The song's video, premiering today on The FADER, is a collaboration between Forever and Emmett Rose, who co-founded the Montreal feminist collective Girl's Club with Goth Shakira. It juxtaposes a classical spread of food straight out of an old portrait with the comparatively restrained scene of Moon taking a shower. It's decadent, but restrained.

Emmett Rose told The FADER that "softness" served as her inspiration. "A sensual softness that had a lot of power and a lot of vulnerability that needed to be handled carefully by the camera. In conjunction with our project, Girl's Club, the only way it made sense to make the video was to call for the intuition of women." That intuition involves serious dimension, as Moon wrote. "The song was written to explore the complexities of my desire, my power, my wantonness. No longer satisfied to remain silent, I needed to make a video that embodied my power as a woman in this industry."

Forever's self-titled EP is out now digitally. You can preorder it on cassette or vinyl before its physical release on April 17.

Thumbnail photo by Michael Brock

Forever's "Heaven’s Mouth” Video Is A Sexy Buffet Of Food