Watch Danny Brown Discuss Trump, My Own Private Idaho With Gus Van Sant

Shot behind the scenes on Brown’s “Ain’t It Funny” video.

April 04, 2017

When Jonah Hill got to make a video for Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny" he cast the Detroit rapper as "Uncle Danny" in a disturbing take on the classic sitcom set-up. The family dad in the video was played by movie director Gus Van Sant, who presumably has a surprising interest in the work of with Danny Brown or Jonah Hill. Behind the scenes footage of Brown chatting with the director of Milk and Drugstore Cowboy is now online.


At one point Van Sant asks him, “How do you feel about what’s happening in the world right now?” to which Brown responds, “The president’s like Bugs Bunny or something right now.” They also discuss Van Sant's film My Own Private Idaho, which Brown thinks might be a porn movie. Check out the clip above.