13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

April 04, 2017
13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week Kendrick Lamar: YouTube; Cupcakke: Matthew Avignone; Vegyn: Arvida Bystrom; Bibi Bourelly: Shaniqwa Jarvis  

1. A literal fantasy lineup: Calvin Harris teamed Pharrell, Young Thug, and Ariana Grande for “Heatstroke,” a soon-to-be pop hit that showcases each artist's impressive range.


2. Mary J. Blige and Kanye West, yet another dream team, joined their distinct-sounding voices for “Love Yourself,” a good-advice blockbuster that's bound to go down in history.

3. There's a Kendrick Lamar storm rumbling. "Get the fuck off my stage, I'm the Sandman" he demands on “HUMBLE.," which is 100% aggro Kendrick.


4. "Proud," a new song from (Sandy) Alex G, is a full-on country-rock jammer with pleasing chords and full band sound — keys and everything. It's a world-weary love song, but it sounds like warmth and friendship.

5. To tell a story about blowing his relationship, Cam’ron flipped 2001 soft-pop classic "A Thousand Miles" into the endearing “10,000 Miles.” Even Vanessa Carlton is down.

6. "Waiting for me to fall off?/ Bitch keep waiting," Cupcakke announces on “33rd," a quip-filled, huge-sounding track off Queen Elizabitch.


7. U.K. dance collective God Colony recruited frequent collaborator Flohio for "Fights," on which the rapper flows fast and hard over a jerky techno beat.

8. It's thrilling to hear the actual voice behind the slick Top 40 hit. This pared down "Camouflage" demo, which Bibi Bourelly wrote for Selena Gomez, is a stunner.

9. London producer Vegyn uses airy sounds to create a groovy little universe on his new track "PLZ XX." No wonder this kid has credits on Blonde.


10. “Tropics,” from Sweden's coolest cat, ShitKid, sounds like doo-wop sung by someone who's either high, or off their meds. The DGAF grunge-pop vibes are endlessly charming.

11. A song about being outdoors deserves to be played outdoors, so we're glad it's basically springtime because Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else's folksy “Wrong Turn” was meant for woodsy rambles and back porches.

12. Produced by fellow young Moroccan Jeunecartier, ISSAM's fluid, soothing “Hasni" samples Cheb Hasni — an ode to the gone-too-soon Algerian artist.


13. Bbymutha's rap-dance hybrid "Dark N Lovely" pops and cracks with the power of someone who knows what they want.

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13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week