Everything You Need To Know About Mikey Alfred

The Illegal Civilization mastermind talks mob movies, water polo, and setting a higher bar for streetwear.

April 06, 2017

Illegal Civilization leader Mikey Alfred is a jack of many trades. In addition to directing films, designing clothes, and curating events worldwide, Mikey also has a seasoned history in water polo — just one of many factoids he shared with The FADER in this installment of Everything You Need To Know.


Mikey also let us in on his affinity for The Sopranos, his skepticism toward Yelp reviews, his commitment to respectable footwear, and his thoughts on the current state of streetwear. "I think that kids need to get over the idea that T-shirts and hats are special," he explained. "When you get charged $80 for it, you're being dumb."

From The Collection:

Everything You Need To Know
Everything You Need To Know About Mikey Alfred