Trump Is Considering Military Action In North Korea, And 22 Other Facts You Need To Know Immediately

From getting sued by Twitter to bombing Syria, here’s everything Trump did this week.

April 07, 2017
Trump Is Considering Military Action In North Korea, And 22 Other Facts You Need To Know Immediately Trump speaks to the press on Air Force One on April 6, 2017.   Jim Watson
1. Left the Oval Office without signing his executive orders.


2. Disclosed the finances of his administration.
3. Gave his first presidential paycheck to the National Parks Service
4. Rolled back Obama-era protections for women in the workplace.
5. Got booed by construction workers.
6. Came to Bill O'Reilly's defense.
7. Sent Jared Kushner to Iraq as a White House envoy.

Violating Pentagon protocol.

Kushner also reportedly omitted meetings with Russian officials on his security clearance forms.

8. Thought he'd been in office for two weeks longer than he actually has.

But it feels like a thousand.

9. Removed Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.
10. Kept insisting Susan Rice committed a crime, but would not specify what that crime was.
11. Tagged the FBI on Twitter seemingly to get their attention about a Fox News story.
12. Cut funding to the U.N.'s family planning program.
13. Lost more of his signature artificial skin tone.
14. Got sued by Twitter for requesting information about an anti-Trump account.

Twitter withdrew their lawsuit on Friday after the government rescinded their demands.

15. Gave another delusion-filled interview, this time to The New York Times.

In which he told reporters Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush that Elijah Cummings told him, “You will go down as one of the great presidents in the history of our country.”

"There is precisely zero chance this is true," The Washington Post's Aaron Blake wrote. "None. Zip. Nada. As journalists, we are trained to be circumspect — to always allow for the possibility of something we don't know to be 100 percent true. It's why journalists don't accuse Trump of lying when he says things that are clearly untrue. But there is just no chance, unless Cummings's whole political career is a lie and he's a secret sleeper agent for Republicans who is really, really playing the long game after 20 years. Flattery is a big part of the game in politics, and you can guarantee all kinds of disingenuous praise is offered in private settings. But, just, no."

16. And essentially revealed his tax cut-based motivation for the ACA repeal.
17. Rolled back consumer privacy protections banning cable companies to sell your information.
18. Met with and praised Egyptian dictator, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
19. Had dinner with President Xi of China at Mar-A-Lago.
20. Reportedly considered either assassinating Kim Jong-Un or giving South Korea nuclear weapons.

Without Xi's help. "Both scenarios are part of an accelerated review of North Korea policy prepared in advance of President Donald Trump's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week," NBC reported.

21. Blamed Obama's administration for the bloodshed in Syria.

"Trump initially took the same blame-shifting approach in addressing the deadly attack in Syria. In a short written statement Tuesday, he said the carnage was 'a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution,'" AP reported.

22. Dropped more than 50 Tomahawk missiles on Syria.
23. ...But not before calling Putin.

"Initial reports put the number of U.S. missiles fired from two warships in the Mediterranean Sea between 50 and 60," VICE reported. "The strike was focused on a Syrian airfield near Homs and reportedly destroyed a number of airplanes and hit the runway. Officials tell NBC no people were targeted, and it’s currently unclear how many casualties resulted, if any. Russia, which has troops on the ground, was reportedly notified before the airstrikes."

Trump Is Considering Military Action In North Korea, And 22 Other Facts You Need To Know Immediately