This New Track By Ghettotech Legend DJ Nasty Just Keeps On Giving

Now known as Detroit’s Filthiest, he will release his Old English D EP later this month.

April 11, 2017
This New Track By Ghettotech Legend DJ Nasty Just Keeps On Giving Detroit's Filthiest (fka DJ Nasty)   Photo by Moveltraxx

On the dance floor, I'm always listening out for hinges: a sonic handrail to pivot me in a new direction, or an unexpected shift of energy to pinball my limbs back into action. For some, that's the role that a vocal plays, but for me, that alchemy is most satisfyingly achieved on an instrumental level. Take "Legendary" by Detroit’s Filthiest — f.k.a. DJ Nasty, one of ghettotech's pioneers who released on DJ Godfather's Databass Records in the late '90s — for example: even in its subtler moments, it's all build. Skippy drums, disintegrating bass, digital claps, swirling synth washes, and endless arpeggios unite with urgency, culminating in a sensual embrace that just keeps on giving. Due out on his Old English D EP later this month, it's like a trance-dipped Miami bass track, for which Detroit’s Filthiest says early breakdance tracks were an inspiration.


"The story behind the song 'Legendary' was creating something that I hadn't done before," Detroit’s Filthiest told The FADER over email. "When I produced that song in 2016 it marked my 20th year producing music. After releasing 100+ records, I always try to reinvent myself and stay relevant. I wanted to make something to pay homage to my early influences in music. When I finished the track I sent it to Big Dope P and he loved it. He told me that he was working on a music video to the track. When he sent me the video I was in awe with the elements of breakdance and retro themes. The crazy thing was I never told him that 'Legendary' was a breakdance track. Just from hearing it he knew what I was saying with the music. This to me means a lot because it proves after 21 years that I can still make music that connects with people."

Moveltraxx will release the Old English D EP on April 21. Preorder it here.
This New Track By Ghettotech Legend DJ Nasty Just Keeps On Giving