Kae Dal’s Swooning New Song “Liar” Is The Truth

The Toronto songwriter has enlisted BADBADNOTGOOD’s Matty Tavares as producer for the new single.

April 11, 2017
Kae Dal’s Swooning New Song “Liar” Is The Truth Photo by Paul D'Eath

Kae Dal's new song "Liar," premiering today on The FADER, is smokey lounge-pop transmitted from a cloud city. Dal's voice splays itself over entrancing production from BADBADNOTGOOD's Matty Tavares, somewhere in the ether between Mazzy Star and Chromatics. "I could be your liar," she sings, casually, but in a way that doesn't betray the emotion of what led to that statement.


“'Liar' is about the conflict between my desire to feel safe and the pull towards the unknown," Kae Dal told The FADER over email. "Writing it felt natural but when it came to producing it I was stumped; I must’ve made about ten different versions before working on it with Matty. We began with it totally stripped down and he gradually built this orchestra behind it, using all these different synths and samples and effects. It was really cool, like watching someone paint with sound."

Kae Dal’s Swooning New Song “Liar” Is The Truth