Moonchild Continues To Hypnotize In New Video For “Cure”

The West Coast trio paints a vivid portrait of Los Angeles, and a methodology for heartbreak.

April 11, 2017

Amber Navran, Max Bryk, and Andris Mattson, who met during their time in USC's Jazz program, have come a long way as Moonchild since the release of Please Rewind in 2015, receiving accolades from Jill Scott and Saint Heron. In their new single "Cure," premiering exclusively on The FADER for their upcoming album Voyager, the band takes a break from the whirlwind of the metropolis landscape to reflect inwardly.


"Cure" is a gesture of reconciliation, renewal, and re-becoming. Navran's buttery vocals drape the track, as she sings to an elusive someone who has recently experienced heartbreak. "I can show you that love is a cure for heartache/ I can show you, baby, don't be afraid of the good things" she sultrily croons over blissed-out instrumentation.

"Cure is about finding love before you're ready for it. Sometimes moving on means falling for someone new, someone who shows you that there are other people out there who can bring you love and happiness," Navran wrote in an email to The FADER. "Often that chance gets pushed aside because you've determined that you need to be alone for awhile or fully recovered before you can accept love from someone else. I've been on both sides of that situation — falling for someone who’s not ready/not feeling ready when a good thing comes along — so this is about letting go of that weight and letting love heal you."

Voyager is out May 26. You can pre-order it here, and watch the video for "Cure" above.

Moonchild Continues To Hypnotize In New Video For “Cure”