Listen To Frank Ocean’s “Experiences” Skit

“I don’t have a **** in my ***”

April 12, 2017


Last Friday, in between "Camel" by Flying Lotus and "Eh" by Death Grips, a skit played on the third episode of Frank Ocean's blonded RADIO. It's called "Experiences," and on Wednesday it was posted to YouTube by the show.

Over the sounds of "I Love Sloane" by Delroy Edwards, a young man (presumably Ocean) and an older woman have a profanity-laced conversation about something the young man said. The conversation is fully bleeped, but it isn't hard to infer what's being said. The Ocean character tells the woman, "I don't really have a [bleep] in my [bleep]."

The woman blows up at the man, yelling, "Is that what you're saying you want? Oh my lord!"

The skit has the same voyeuristic feel as "Be Yourself," from Ocean's Blonde, which wasn't a song, but instead a minute-and-a-half voicemail from the mother of one of Ocean's friends.

Listen to "Experiences" above.

Listen To Frank Ocean’s “Experiences” Skit