AIDA Is A Neon Assassin In The “Let’s Ride” Video

The Canada-based artist is hunting to the tune of her glossy new single.

April 17, 2017

"Let's Ride," the new music video from AIDA, follows the lead of the track's synthy, funky single for some retro 80s visuals. But in between the workout video clips and Tron-inspired grids, a darker plot emerges, starring AIDA as an assassin with a job to finish.


"I wrote 'Let's Ride' as an escape plan," AIDA told The FADER over email. "I was wishing about being able to just drop my responsibilities and hit the road without stopping. The instrumental for the song, which was produced by Fresco Klüb, brought memories back of my mom telling me about these parties she used to have to sneak out of the house to go to. She was born in '75, so she grew up in this era where funk music was very popular, and she kept on listening to a lot of funk after I was born. She used to have such a big smile on her face as she told the stories of how much fun she had gotten dancing those nights away with her friends. I pictured myself in her shoes, partying it up to funk music."

Thumbnail photo by Paisley Spence

AIDA Is A Neon Assassin In The “Let’s Ride” Video