Listen To The Song Lana Del Rey Wrote After Coachella

She had some feelings that she needed to get out.

April 17, 2017

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Lana Del Rey spent the weekend at Coachella, and on her way home she wrote a song about her time at the festival. In an Instagram post, the singer wrote that she "had complex feelings about spending the weekend dancing whilst watching tensions w North Korea mount."

Del Rey, who recently announced her new Lust For Life album, wrote the song in the woods of California before sharing it in a video on Monday evening.

"I find It's a tightrope between being vigilantly observant of everything going on in the world and also having enough space and time to appreciate God's good earth the way it was intended to be appreciated," read the caption. "On my way home I found myself compelled to visit an old favorite place of mine at the rim of the world highway where I took a moment to sit down by the sequoia grove and write a little song."

Listen to the untitled song above.

Listen To The Song Lana Del Rey Wrote After Coachella