Vince Staples Said His New Album Is About “Being Larger Than Life In A Smaller World”

Staples opened up about the forthcoming Big Fish Theory.

Photographer Daniel Shea
April 18, 2017

Vince Staples's Big Fish Theory album doesn't yet have a release date but he has been talking about its themes and creation in a new interview. Speaking about the follow up to 2015's Summertime '06, Staples told Complex: "It encompasses things: Being larger than life in a smaller world, so to say. How rappers are perceived and perceive themselves."


Asked what he learned while making the record, Staples suggested that wasn't the journey he took this time. "I don't think this album was a learning process itself as far as the creation of it," he said. "I just think it was a culmination of things I had been learning over the past few years, and coming to an understanding. Often times, music becomes a coping mechanism for people."

On the subject of what he's coping with, Staples offered the following: "I think everybody’s coping with the same shit. It’s just life. You live a long life, and then you die."

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