Ramriddlz Is The Ultimate Wedding Crasher In The “Habaesha” Music Video

“I told her Yene Fikir just to dick her.” Yep, it’s still Mr. Ramrod.

April 20, 2017

I'd be willing to wager that in most cultures it's a faux pas to steal the bride away from her wedding ceremony. But in the new video for "Habaesha," Ramriddlz plays a wedding singer for hire at an Ethiopian function (in a nod to the track's title) and proves that his world-famous Looney Tunes horniness has no mind for decorum. Or cultural borders, for that matter: the catchy, golden-hued new track is a melting pot of international phrases and beach-ready sounds (it's produced by Jaegen and Krs., who also appear in the clip as Riddlz's backing band). Watch the Balmain Bugs Bunny 'eskista' with the best of them, above.


Jaegen outlined the video's plot in an email to The FADER. "Ramriddlz a.k.a. Ram Rico Suave and his band, the Nana Boys (consisting of a rag tag group of buddies, including me as the guitarist with my first longer than two-second cameo, finesse our way into an East African melse to perform. The band's intention is to give a solid performance, get the money, and and get out — but Ram Rico has other plans in mind."

Ramriddlz and Jaegen are currently wrapping up a tour of Europe. Check out the remaining dates below.

Ramriddlz Is The Ultimate Wedding Crasher In The “Habaesha” Music Video