This Disney Channel Star Might Have The First Mega-Song Of The Summer

Hear Olivia Holt’s “History” now, before you hear it a million times again.

April 28, 2017

Olivia Holt, 19, has already starred in multiple seasons of a martial arts Disney Channel show, filmed a movie that has plans for a Chinese-language remake, and been cast as a lead in an upcoming Marvel series.


Most importantly, she recorded “History.”

It's a perfectly summery pop song in the mold of “Cheerleader” and “Sorry.” Maybe too similar to some. While "History" is missing the signature production element of those past few years’s big hits — no sultry sax or dolphin noises — the beat is pretty and Holt is a more-than-capable vocalist for such a catchy series of hooks. In writing this, I started to type out the chorus, but it was so long and delightfully winding that it'd take up a whole paragraph.

First released last August on Disney’s Hollywood Records as part of her debut EP, "History" has slowly been gaining traction over the past few months. The music video from November is creeping toward 5 million plays, and the track had passed 70 million plays on Spotify. It hit radio on April 4 and has reportedly cracked pop radio’s top 65, according to Headline Planet; Holt appeared on the Today show earlier this month, too. When I saw a movie in New York this past weekend, I heard the song once in the lobby on the way in and once on the way out.

And I loved it.

This Disney Channel Star Might Have The First Mega-Song Of The Summer