Watch Brooklyn Artist Julia Sinelnikova’s Holographic Art Come To Life

She teamed up with U.K. producer Einerlei to create this shimmering two-minute brain vacation.

May 08, 2017

Julia Sinelnikova builds holographic worlds. The Brooklyn-based artist pairs reams of hand-cut holographic material with projections, lights, and music to create immersive installations that tickle the senses. She's previously collaborated with electronic artists including Aurora Halal and Machinedrum. Now, with a new solo show currently on display at Industry City Gallery, she's sharing a video that provides a glimpse into her shimmering practice. Shot and edited by Errol Basdeo and beguilingly soundtracked by Berlin-via-Manchester producer Einerlei, it features footage from a major exhibit from last summer.


"[It] was created while on residency in abandoned military quarters on Governor's Island, as part of the Center for Holographic Arts's summer program," Sinelnikova told The FADER. "The materials are 100% hand-fabricated and hand-cut with patterns of ancient trees on the premises, abstracted through fractals. The movement of the light is controlled entirely by the movement of my body in a tiny video projected onto the central sculpture, which is made of a special light-reactive film."

Watch above.

Julia Sinelnikova's solo exhibition, Organ Farm, is on display at Industry City Gallery in Brooklyn though May 20.
Watch Brooklyn Artist Julia Sinelnikova’s Holographic Art Come To Life