NUE Shares A Video For His Smooth, Motivational Slapper “Alaska”

The Canadian rapper’s new project Iroquois is out now.

May 25, 2017

"Shit gon' change, it has to." Lines like this add layers to NUE's song "Alaska," a catchy anthem to flexing with some universal stakes behind it. The Scarbourough rapper gets you invested in his struggle and triumphs quickly through his melodic, Soundcloud-couture flow (is that Coldplay sampled on Sauceboy's beat? It's driving me crazy.) The track's video, premiering today on The FADER, is directed by Anthony Supreme, and stars NUE in a fancy estate somewhere in the Hollywood hills.

Iroquois was just me recording my life for a year," NUE said of his new project, which is streaming now. "It's more about feeling than definition. I was just going through life at the time and documenting how I felt and the things that were going on. Every song happened from us living and recognizing the moments that we felt deserved a song right then and there in the moment.”

Thumbnail photo by Mister Victory

NUE Shares A Video For His Smooth, Motivational Slapper “Alaska”