Report: Eight People Have Been Killed In Mississippi Shooting

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May 28, 2017

Eight people, including a Lincoln County Deputy, have been killed in Lincoln County, Mississippi. Police have apprehended suspect Willie Corey Godbolt. The Clarion Ledger's Therese Apel was at the scene as the suspect was apprehended, and she posted videos on Twitter of her exchange with Godbolt.


In the video, Godbolt can be heard saying that the sheriff deputy that had been killed was not an intended of victim of Godbolt, that he was just in the way, that he had meant to commit suicide by police.

"I love my wife. I love my kids. They wouldn't just live and let live. I just wanted to live," Godbolt can be heard saying, while being restrained on the ground by law enforcement officials from multiple agencies. "I just wanted to love my family. I just wanted to love my wife."

Sheriff Deputy William Durr, 36, and three female bodies were found at the first location, and the bodies of two boys were found at the second. At the third location, bodies of two more victims, one male and one female, were found. It was outside of this location that Godbolt was apprehended. The Associated Press reports that one of the victims was Godbolt's mother-in-law, but police have identified no other victims that Deputy Durr.

Apel can be heard in one of the videos asking "So what's next for you?"

Godbolt responded: "Death. Death. My intentions was to have y'all [in reference to law enforcement on scene] kill me. I ran out of bullets."

A report by the Associated Press detailed that at least seven hours passed between the time of the first shootings and the apprehension of Godbolt. The shootings reportedly began as a domestic dispute between alleged shooter Godbolt and his estranged wife, over the custody of their children.

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Godbolt will be charged with one count of Capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder.

Report: Eight People Have Been Killed In Mississippi Shooting