Rubby Gives Off Farmhouse And Dance Floor Magic In “Confiesa” Video

The Dominican artist is here with an invitation.

June 02, 2017

On "Confiesa," Rubby shakes up masculine and feminine energies through the lens of Dominican culture, and the resulting music is a total jam that's perfect for any summer party. The 20-year-old artist repeatedly sings "Tengo tu ritmo conmigo" (or "I have your rhythm with me") and the line reads as both an invitation and an incantation. In the self-directed visual, Rubby serves a lot of different looks, effortlessly switching from work clothes into a tipico, a traditional Dominican dress.


"Personally this piece was my hardest to date since I’ve never written a song in Spanish," Rubby said in a statement to The FADER. "As a queer Dominican artist I wanted to add to the conversation of what Dominican artists can create and add to the conversation. I wanted to make a song that I wish I had listening to when I was younger. Most of the songs I listened to while growing up were about falling in love on the dance floor with a beautiful women and I wanted create a song that was more true to myself. My songs have no gendered pronouns and I wanted ‘Confiesa’ to be a song that everyone could relate to."

Watch the video above and listen to the song on Spotify here.

Thumbnail image via Cyle Suesz

Rubby Gives Off Farmhouse And Dance Floor Magic In “Confiesa” Video