Here’s Everything Donald Trump Did This Week In His Quest To Ruin The World

Help us, help the planet.

June 02, 2017
Here’s Everything Donald Trump Did This Week In His Quest To Ruin The World David Becker / Getty Images

President Trump was in exceptionally rare form this week in his continued crusade to wreck all that we know and love. "The Trump Administration will attempt to sell you the dishonest falsehood that the United States will leave the Paris Accords to 'put America first,'" Symone D. Sanders wrote in Essence, "but Trump’s 'America first' policies always seems like code for Black and Brown people last." For more about the senseless devastation Trump continues to spark, read on. And stay strong.


1. Withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord.

On Monday, Trump announced that the U.S. would no longer be a part of the Paris Accord. The agreement was created to bring nations together in the name of reducing global warming and climate change. To say the very least, this is incredibly bad for us.

2. In one of his many witless tweets, he used the word "covfefe."

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," he posted on Wednesday night. Trump claims he meant to write the word "coverage" but instead he used his tiny little Twitter fingers to fire off this made up word.

3. The Trump Administration asked the Supreme Court to repeal the travel ban.

While the Supreme Court overlooks Trump's discriminatory ban on travelers from six Muslim countries, this week his administration decided to appeal their review.

4. White House works on a document that could allow religious employers to deny women birth control coverage.

In another attack on women, Trump has taken another step to control what women do with their bodies. It's an attack on the section of the Affordable Care Act that pertains to women's health and preventative care. The policy mandates that healthcare provided by employers must provide care like birth control.

5. Trump hasn't issued a LGBTQ Pride Month proclamation.

During Barack Obama's term, the former president issued a statement for the events every year after 2011. Pride parades and celebrations are underway and sadly Trump has not signed or released a thing in support.

If you're reading this, you made it through another week of hell. Blessings.

Here’s Everything Donald Trump Did This Week In His Quest To Ruin The World