DJ Khaled And Drake’s “To The Max” Samples T2’s “Heartbroken”

New Jersey’s DJ Jayhood also says the single has “the exact same chops” as his remix of the 2007 bassline tune.

June 05, 2017


After months of teasing its arrival, DJ Khaled finally shared his song with "the Drake vocals" today. "To The Max" is the latest in a list of collaborations between the pair which began with “I’m On One,” “No New Friends,” and 2016’s “For Free.” In the background of the track, behind a Jersey club-style beat, is what appears to be a vocal sample of T2's "Heartbroken." That U.K. club track featured vocals by Jodie Aysha and was released in 2007.

The version of the song heard in "To The Max" also sounds a lot like DJ Jayhood's remix, something that hasn't slipped the attention of the New Jersey DJ.

Contacted by The FADER, DJ Jayhood said "To The Max" samples the intro loop from his remix: "It was definitely sampled from the version I did. The chops are not the same from the original, it's from the one I did. My drop is even in there." Jayhood added that he was not contacted by DJ Khaled at any point.

The FADER has reached out to DJ Khaled, T2, and Jodie Aysha for comment.

Update: June 6, 07:36 a.m. T2 confirms to The FADER that he was approached about the "Heartbroken" sample

Speaking to The FADER via phone, T2 said he was asked by Khaled's team if they could sample the song three weeks ago. He says he agreed but hadn't officially signed anything to approve the sample. "That was a bit of a surprise," he said of hearing the song. "I was not aware it was going to come out. I need to speak to people there [his publishers Sony/ATV] to get a clearer picture."

However, T2 is a fan of "To The Max" saying: "It's a good thing to bring U.K. music to life. I'm a big fan of Drake." The producer added that, ironically, he was alerted to the song's release by his friend Kyla, whose "Do You Mind" Drake sampled on "One Dance."

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DJ Khaled And Drake’s “To The Max” Samples T2’s “Heartbroken”