D.R.A.M. Just Dropped Two New Songs

“The Uber Song” and “Group Thang (Demo)” are the latest from the Virginia artist.

June 08, 2017

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D.R.A.M. is back with more new music. After releasing "Gilligan" back in April, the rapper and singer dropped two songs on Thursday night, "The Uber Song" and "Group Thang (Demo)."

Both songs tap in to the fun, sexed up side of D.R.A.M. "The Uber Song" is all about the car he's called for a fling to come over to his house late at night, while "Group Thang (Demo)" is about, well, a group thing.

Starting in July, D.R.A.M. will be joining Kendrick Lamar on the DAMN. tour along with Travis Scott.

You can "The Uber Song" and "Group Thang (Demo)" on Apple Music.

D.R.A.M. Just Dropped Two New Songs