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Here’s How You Can Stop The Senate From Taking Away Healthcare From 23 Million People

The Senate will repeal Obamacare. Unless we tell them not to.

June 13, 2017
Here’s How You Can Stop The Senate From Taking Away Healthcare From 23 Million People A health care protests marches towards Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. March 23, 2017.   Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
The Senate is on the verge of repealing Obamacare

Do not be fooled by the complacency of the Democratic Party, the lack of media coverage, or the impulse you might have to believe that the Republicans in power do not possess the moral void to throw 23 million Americans off of health insurance. That's exactly what they're planning to do now, and they will succeed unless the Senate – both Democrats and Republicans – feel an unprecedented swell of resistance against this truly evil legislation.


The thing is, the Republican Party knows that no one wants the American Health Care Act. Only 8% of Americans support it. When it passed the House in May, the AHCA was condemned as an $834 billion tax cut for the wealthy paid for by gutting Medicare and Medicaid and leaving 23 million uninsured.

That's why Republicans have been writing it in secret, in the hopes of ramming it through before the July 4 recess, in order to minimize opposition. "We aren't stupid," said one Senate GOP aide discussing why Republicans have refused to make the bill public. It's unprecedented in the history of American health care that legislation which will impact 1/6 of the economy and potentially millions of lives could become law without a single public hearing or debate.


An important point: no one except the people writing the bill (and perhaps some lobbyists) know what's in the bill. The degree to which it alters the house bill at all is unknown, but whatever it is, Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent you from finding out more. Just today, reporters have been blocked from recording senators in the hallways of Congress, an obvious attempt to further handicap coverage of their secret bill. These are not exactly promising signs.


The Indivisible Project has identified ten Republican senators who are the least likely to vote in favor of Trump Care, thanks its huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Each senator has a dedicated page showing how many people in the state they serve would lose coverage, and see their premiums increase.


If you live in one of these states, call and get everyone else you know to do the same. Each senator has a dedicated health care staffer, so email them as well.

Is your senator a Democrat? Good. Push them to shed light on these secretive proceedings by any means yesterday. That includes going nuclear, or "withholding consent" until Republicans show the bill. Such a big political gesture would bring the news cycle's attention back to health care.

If that seems unorthodox, remember last year, when Democratic members of the House engaged in a sit in to protest anti-gun control legislation. It should go without saying that the health of 23 million people deserves the same kind of fervent activism.


Democrats literally sang when the AHCA passed. Their priority right now is Russia sanctions over health care. You're going to have to force this party to fight for you.

Still hungry for activism? There's a lot more you can do

Write to your local newspapers


Senators and their teams pour over press clippings every morning to get a sense of how their agenda is playing out in the media. Get some friends together, bring a list of local publications, and brainstorm letters to the editor. Keep them simple, clear, and specific.

Organize peaceful sit-ins

It's impossible for Republicans to ignore actual constituents who show up at their workplaces and occupy them. Every member of congress has at least one district office, and while it's intimidating, gathering a number of concerned citizens and engaging in a bit of direct action is valuable in terms of sending a message to politicians and the media.


Get all the details at Indivisible Guide.

This has worked already in 2017!

Republicans pulled TrumpCare from the House moments before a vote in March thanks to consistent public pressure and hundreds of phone calls every week. Now, that resistance has slowed to a trickle.


No current piece of legislation could have as much effect on your future or the future of the United States than the AHCA. So start organizing!

Here’s How You Can Stop The Senate From Taking Away Healthcare From 23 Million People