14 Things We Learned From Vince Staples’s Reddit AMA

The rapper cracked jokes and shed light.

June 13, 2017

This morning, Vince Staples held a Reddit AMA to discuss his upcoming sophomore album The Big Fish Theory. It was what you might expect from the rapper: a mix of insight and entertainment. Check out the best answers below.


The Big Fish Theory drops June 23, and includes the previously released songs "Rain Come Down" featuring Ty Dolla Sign and "Big Fish" featuring Juicy J.

He's still a Sprite stan
The Big Fish has a name
You might catch him tearing up to 500 Days Of Summer...
...then blasting some classic '80s new wave
The new album is different, just don't call it "electronic hip-hop"
It's not "afro-futurist," either

He's feeling himself
All credit to Mama Vince
Fold over crumple
Writer's block isn't a problem
Travis Scott's been in heavy rotation this year
Don't expect a Vince/Earl album
Someone just let this man make a film
Daft Punk is a dream collaboration
No more Reddit AMAs, please

Thumbnail photo by Daniel Shea for The FADER.

14 Things We Learned From Vince Staples’s Reddit AMA