Gorgeous Bully’s Brightly Bummed Out Time Is The Soundtrack To Your Daydreams

The U.K. bedroom pop project is releasing the tracks in support of the recent Manchester Attacks.

June 22, 2017

Gorgeous Bully makes brightly bummed-out fuzzy rock that gently launches you into your own emotional outer space. The Manchester-based bedroom-pop project, led by Thomas Crang, has been active for several years, with its earliest collection of songs being released on Bandcamp in 2010. In that time, Gorgeous Bully has consistently dropped several EPs (16 total), each more gut-wrenchingly honest and daydream-inducing than the last. Today’s two-track release Time, premiering on The FADER, carries that sentiment further — you’ll just want to put it on repeat, lay back on your bed’s pillow, and stare at the ceiling till everything around you makes a little more sense.


“‘Time’ is a song I've had knocking around for a little while,” Crang said of the first track over email. “I recorded all the parts for this song about 2 years ago in my home ‘studio’ in Levenshulme, south Manchester and could never get what I wanted from it. Fast forward to now and it's all fallen into place — an ode to feeling forever tired.” Of “Deceive Me,” he shared, “knowing that everyone lies and sooner or later and will lie to you, I guess it’s urging someone to just hurry up and deceive you just to get it out the way.”

Listen to the tracks above and cop them on Bandcamp here, with all proceeds going to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. And if you’re in Manchester this Sunday the 25, stop by ICYMI’s Manchester Forever benefit concert, where Gorgeous Bully will be playing a set.

Gorgeous Bully’s Brightly Bummed Out Time Is The Soundtrack To Your Daydreams