IAMSU!’s “I Can’t Lose” Is The Motivational Song You Need Right Now

“When I’m in my bag, I cannot looooooose.”

June 27, 2017

If you’re bummed out, or just looking for the perfect song to phase out the bullshit this summer, Bay Area rapper Iamsu!’s self-produced “I Can’t Lose” is what you need. From his recently-released Boss Up 3 project and featuring Private Club crooner 24hrs, the track’s about knowing your worth, and having confidence in the fact that when you’re in your zone, nothing can stop you. “I’ve been in the game, I’ve paid my dues,” he sings at the end of the song’s hook, “when I’m in my bag, I cannot lose.” It’s kind of like the song-version of the pat on the back you need to keep going, but it’s also a certified bop suited for repeat play all damn summer long.


As made clear in the song, the HBK Gang star has been at his craft for a minute, cooking up masterful, sometimes-under-the-radar, sometimes-super-smash Bay Area-born slaps since 2010. This track and pretty much all of Boss Up 3 are no exception, reminding us he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Listen to “I Can’t Lose” above, and peep the rest of Boss Up 3 on Apple Music.