2 Chainz Turned His Pink Trap House Into A Free HIV Testing Center

Earlier in the week the rapper’s installation held a church service.

July 04, 2017

2 Chainz's Pink Trap House has become quite the tourist location in Atlanta. The site was originally set up as promo for the rapper's recent Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album. In addition to serving as a good Instagram opportunity, the installation also houses an art gallery. On Tuesday, the Pink Trap House doubled as as an HIV testing center.

Teaming up with Fulton County Board of Health, Test Atlanta, and Atlanta Aids, 2 Chainz invited people to come get a free HIV screening.

In addition to turning his promotional installation into a health clinic, 2 Chainz has also used it as a place of worship. This past Sunday the Pink Trap House was turned into a church, where people were invited to come and attend a service.

"We can't listen to the music without really addressing the systemic issues and the systematic oppression that causes the trap to even exist," Pastor Michael Wortham told Fox 5 Atlanta. "So that's the reason we pulled together 'Trap Church' is to really to talk about the other side of the trap, to talk about how we as a community have a responsibility to come together and help our brothers and sisters who are facing these tough situations."

A representative for 2 Chainz told Fox 5 Atlanta that the house is currently rented through July 6, but the popularity of the project might cause them to extend their lease.

Posted: July 04, 2017