Darkstar To Collaborate With Teens From Migrant Communities On Trackbed

The new composition and sound installation will debut in Liverpool, England this September.

July 11, 2017

Darkstar's most recent album, 2015's Foam Island, was a subtle and effective look at life for young people in Northern England under a Conservative government. On Tuesday the British electronic duo announced a new sound project in collaboration with young people from migrant communities in Liverpool, England.


Their work is called Trackbed and will be presented in September as an interactive sound installation at Metal, an arts center based at Liverpool's Edge Hill train station. It sees Darkstar working in conjunction with Different Trains 1947, an exploration of the U.K. and India's shared history from musicians including Actress and Jack Barnett of These New Puritans.

After a performance in Liverpool on September 27, Trackbed will then go on tour to London in October before visiting Magnetic Fields in India. A short film by Cieron Magat will be made as part of the installation and live performance.

The ongoing project is made in conjunction with a group of 13-19 year-olds at Liverpool's Harthill Youth Center. A third of children in the local area live in poverty and more than 75 percent of the young people who use Harthill are from Eastern European communities.

Darkstar has run several residencies at Harthill encouraging young people to talk about the issues they face.

Darkstar To Collaborate With Teens From Migrant Communities On Trackbed