Patience’s New Video Is A Surreal Synth-Pop Vision

The ex-Veronica Falls artist returns with the bittersweet “White Of An Eye.”

July 19, 2017

After U.K. guitar-pop group Veronica Falls disbanded a few years back, singer and guitarist Roxanne Clifford relocated to L.A. and switched her musical focus to the neon-lit world of ‘80s synth-pop. Stepping out last year as Patience, she showed a natural understanding of Italo-ish musical textures and bittersweet lyrics, and that hasn’t changed on her iridescent new single “White Of An Eye,” premiering on The FADER above. This one’s about the push-pull feeling of leaving the past behind, remembering the feel of an old shirt one last time, and letting those memories go. In the video, Patience is drenched in dry ice, silhouetted in colorful lights, and wearing some (very enviable) white overalls, fixing her gaze firmly on the future.


Speaking via email, Patience explained: “‘White Of An Eye’ was inspired by French and Belgium avant-pop performance videos of the '80s: artists like Elli and Jacno, and Lio, would often appear to be in an inbetween or obscured world, [in] something of a dream-state evoked by a minimal and smoke-filled set. The exterior shots of ‘White Of An Eye’ were filmed at the Mulholland Fountain in Los Angeles, whose lights illuminate from exactly 8 to 10p.m. nightly. Director Lawrence Klein and camera man Dalton Blanco shot the fountain at five times the speed of normal film, then slowed it down for a brilliant hyper-real effect, which created a surreal uneasiness.”

Night School will release "White Of An Eye" on 7" on September 22. Pre-order here.

Patience’s New Video Is A Surreal Synth-Pop Vision