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How To Make A Nourishing Face Mask

And tap into your summer glow.

Illustration Hisashi Okawa
July 27, 2017
How To Make A Nourishing Face Mask

1 tbsp. clear honey
2-3 drops of lavender oil, or a pinch of lavender flakes
2 tsp. aloe vera gel

Satisfy your skin with sweet honey

Honey is a master soother. While it’s yummy to eat in food, tea, or by itself, it’s also great for brightening and softening your skin. First, put a tablespoon of clear honey in any kind of small bowl, which you’ll use to mix all of your ingredients.

Bless your pores with lavender

This versatile herb has historically been used for its enchanting fragrance along with its medicinal purposes. Lavender oil is ideal for this mixture since it’s being combined with the thick texture of honey, but flakes will also work. The plant’s restorative magic will add a refreshing and aromatherapeutic element to the mask. Use 2-3 drops of the oil — or a pinch or two of flakes — and sprinkle them into the honey.

Add aloe vera to protect your skin

In the hot summer sun, it’s imperative that your skin gets all the moisture and replenishment that it needs. Aloe vera’s universal curing effects aren’t expensive to acquire. Simply use the gel from an aloe plant or bottle. Add two teaspoons to your mixture.

Whip up and apply your ingredients

Mix your ingredients with any spoon and prepare to anoint your skin — but before you do, be sure to wash your face with a natural cleanser like African black soap. Then use your fingers to evenly spread the mask across your face, and be careful not to get any in your eyes. Let it work its magic for 20 minutes.

Rinse it off and bask in your glow

Remove the mask with lukewarm water and revel in how soft your face feels. Follow up with your daily moisturizer, then maybe treat your body to a leafy snack to show it some extra love.

How To Make A Nourishing Face Mask