How To Show Respect At Music Festivals

They’re supposed to be fun. Let’s keep them that way.

July 27, 2017
How To Show Respect At Music Festivals
If you’re not black, do not say the N-word, even if your favorite rapper is dropping it in their set

As Solange says, “Don’t be mad if you can’t sing along/ Just be glad you got the whole wide world; this us.”

If you don’t know the artist’s back catalog inside out, maybe you shouldn’t be up front

It’s frustrating to fans who’ve been waiting to jam out to their favorite musicians.

And don’t throw a tantrum because you didn’t hear something you wanted to

Yelling at artists is rude. They’re humans too!

Respect that some artists may perform music created specifically for marginalized people

If you’re not in that demographic or community, fall back and don’t try and use your whiteness and/or privilege to command space.

Stop appropriating other cultures; it’s never been cute

Don’t wear indigenous headdresses or West African dashikis if they don’t belong to you.

Crowds are thick but always be mindful of others trying to enjoy the performance too

Look around you and check your body privilege. Respect women, disabled people, POC, and folks in the LGBTQ community. Systems are constantly working against the people in society’s margins and impudence is wrong in any space.

Turn up but hold your liquor

It’s summer, pop your bottles, but get- ting so drunk that you want to fight and throw up is not cute.

And finally, clear the way if there’s an emergency

Get help if someone needs it.

How To Show Respect At Music Festivals