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How To Party With Roots And Herbs

Supplement tips from nutritionist Sophia Roe.

Illustration Hisashi Okawa
July 27, 2017
How To Party With Roots And Herbs

Sophia Roe is a holistic chef and nutritionist with a magnetic Instagram. Her tips below focus on the best and most sustainable options and uncommon supplements to aid lifelong wellness.

Get your diet right first

“Keep a food journal before supplementation. Eat whole foods, things with one ingredient like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes. If you eat meat, make sure it’s high quality and if you want to have dairy make sure it’s high quality and hormone-free. But staying away from dairy is really important in terms of keeping your skin clear. Health supplements aren’t going to work if your body is not absorbing properly.”

Enzyme boosts soothe your stomach

“If you’re someone who suffers from gut disturbance or headaches, or if you’re traveling and eating things that you don’t usually eat, you don’t have the enzymes to digest those foods. If you’re transitioning into eating healthy, a digestive enzyme supplement will help that stick.”

Ginger helps with bloating and flattens your tummy

“It’s super slimming and can help further with digestion. Ginger is a great way to rev up your metabolism, you can eat other foods with it, and it’s 100 percent effective. Sometimes if you wake up with a lot of allergy issues, ginger can help.”

Ridding your body of toxins is essential

“Summer is a great time to detox the liver. Yellow dock, burdock root, and licorice root are great. When you’re detoxing you’re taking the strain off of your kidneys and digestive system. A lot of times when you’re cleansing you will experience headaches, breakouts, fatigue, and that’s normal. If you feel like shit, that means it’s working.”

Natural herbs can also help ladies get through their periods

“Every month, women lose a part of the bodies we were born with. To think that you’re going to be on your period symptom-free is a joke. Evening primrose, yellow dock, and maca can be very helpful for PMS pain and bloating, and you can eat them with food. A lot of women think high dosage, but lower dosage is good. Maca is something you can take powder form in a smoothie or a capsule, and taking it with evening primrose is really important.”

If you want to enjoy the sun but you can’t shake your sluggish mood...

“Burdock root, ginger, and cayenne pepper are great for kicking up the metabolism and for sore muscles, and hormones. Royal jelly is also great for amping up your energy.”

Sleep and a balanced diet are the keys to everyone’s inner and outer glow

“So much of our energy relates to our diet, water, and sleep. Sleep is when you cellularly regenerate so it helps. If you’re not sure if you’re eating a healthy diet, eat your multivitamins. Arm your body in terms of the necessities.”

How To Party With Roots And Herbs