Quiet Luke Shares Playful New Track “YHP”

It stands for Your Happy Place 😊

August 03, 2017
Quiet Luke Shares Playful New Track “YHP” Jasmine Zhang

Florida-born, New York-based musician Quiet Luke is at work again. Following up last year's Beholden EP, premiering today on The FADER is a new track called "YHP," which obviously stands for Your Happy Place. The track is flush with funk, and Quiet Luke's passionate, flexible voice sounds crazy cool over that wiggly electric bass. Along with the release comes a a cool, geometric animated video, which Quiet Luke made with designer Santangelo Williams and animator Derek Zheng.


“'YHP' is bottled euphoria," Quiet Luke declared in an email to The FADER. "'YHP' is fun! It’s a bit of fun amidst a lot of chaos.” Listen below.

Quiet Luke Shares Playful New Track “YHP”