9 Releases To Buy On Bandcamp To Support Trans Rights Today

Korean rock, DIY rap, no-fi punk, and more.

August 04, 2017
9 Releases To Buy On Bandcamp To Support Trans Rights Today Mhysa by Naima Green, Kinlaw by Landon Speers.

For 24 hours, Bandcamp is admirably donating 100% of their share of every sale to the Transgender Law Center, an amazing nonprofit that works hard to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people everywhere. Below, we've rounded up a few FADER-approved suggestions of things to download in solidarity, before the day is up.

1. Various Artists, SISTER: Volume 1

Founded on Facebook by Toxe, Sister is a "virtual collective" of women and non-binary producers who support one another. If someone tells you that all producers are men, send them this compilation. —AIMEE CLIFF

2. Say Sue Me, Say Sue Me

Twee, but not too twee, Busan, South Korea four-piece Say Sue Me is my favorite recent random discovery. They released this endearing, 18-song self-titled album in April. Really sweet, melodic rock that makes me feel like I'm in high school. —LEAH MANDEL

3. Decisions, Plagiarism

Decisions is a young punk band, and Plagiarism is their ridiculously cool debut, crammed full of jittery New York no-fi. Listen to the smart, sludgy “Rich Punx on Coke” to get the vibe, then grab the whole thing. —PATRICK D. MCDERMOTT

3. Prom Nite, Dancing To This Beat

This album, by some of the best Toronto punks, is coming out September 2. You can stream the whole psycho thing right now on Bandcamp ("Raw Meat" and "Masculine Side" are faves), but today you should buy it, too. —LM

4. Kinlaw, a trigger for every body

Cassette label Soap Library sells all their tapes with an accompanying aromatherapy sniffer; a scent to match the sound. Kinlaw's utterly enchanting EP a trigger for every body comes with lemon-jasmine, for relief from stress, sadness, and fatigue. —LM

5. Mhysa, fantasii

Mhysa is the solo musical project of Philly artist E.Jane, who is also one half of experimental duo SCRAAATCH. Her debut album fantasii is at once tactile and spiritual, spanning the softness of an R&B lullaby to the metallic screech of the club at full throttle. —RUTH SAXELBY

6. Khotin, New Tab

I got into Khotin on Bandcamp around 2011 when he was releasing lo-fi, emotional pop as Happy Trendy. For a while he switched to a very different harder analog dance thing, and was great at it. New Tab, which is my favorite album title in recent memory, is the closest thing to a mix of the two styles I've loved from him — sort of ambient, sort of techno, cleverly melodic, deeply felt. —DUNCAN COOPER

7. Babenstein, “Sanguine”

Babenstein, a member of the DIY collective Barf Troop, just released “Sanguine,” an energetic solo rap track. It has a knockout Starslinger beat that’s part disco-ball cheese, part, like, smashed beer bottles. At less than 90 seconds, it's a sprint. A really fun one. —PDM

8. NEON, Neon Is Life

Bay area punk band with a thing for atypical arrangements, vibrato shrieks, and really grimy-feeling production. The results sound anxious, but feel powerful. —PDM

9. Grouper, “Children”

Here's a seriously haunting Ruins outtake. What could be more suited for a rainy summer day? —BEN DANDRIDGE-LEMCO

9 Releases To Buy On Bandcamp To Support Trans Rights Today