Celebrate Your Small Circle With Lil Durk And Lil Reese’s “Distance” Video

Their collaborative EP Supa Vultures is out August 11.

August 04, 2017

When drill broke and Chicago became the hottest hip-hop city in America, Lil Durk and Lil Reese persisted through fleeting industry attention with their unique, captivating styles. Today, The FADER is premiering the video for "Distance," the first single from their upcoming collaborative EP Supa Vultures. The stark, melodic track features vivid autobiography from Durk and Reese's gruff, chest-puffing bars, a fine contrast full of chemistry that's apparent in the fun clip.


Supa Vultures is the latest in a string of collaborations this year from Durk, including an appearance on Young Thug's Beautiful Thugger Girls and "Homie Bitch" featuring Lil Yachty and Quavo. Over email, Durk answered a few questions about making Supa Vultures, moving from Chicago to Atlanta, and who he wants to work with next.

Supa Vultures is out August 11. Preorder it here.

Thumbnail photo by Brandon Collins

How did Supa Vultures come together? Walk us through the experience of collaborating with Reese.


LIL DURK: The experience is always cool and natural when me and Reese work, that's my brother — we from the same place, seen a lot of the same things, and experienced a lot of the same things. I also had a couple appearances in the Chicago area in late May and early June, I asked Reese to go with me to both events so that we could catch up. After the appearances, we went to studio both times and next thing I know he's flying back to Atlanta with me and we're making more music at my house in my studio.

You've taken the word "vulture" and turned into a positive thing. What kind of person is a "vulture" in your eyes?

A "vulture" is a person that doesn't quit or give up. Someone that doesn't let life and not-so-perfect circumstances distract them for their dreams or goals. Vultures eat up 'can't' or 'not possible.' I've been a vulture all my life, it's a term I use to relate to others who come from the trenches like me.


How have you adjusted moving to Atlanta to Chicago? Has leaving Chicago changed your relationship with your hometown?

I've adjusted well to Atlanta, it's a dope city with a cool vibe. Sometimes you gotta step away from the environment you know so well so that you can see the bigger picture and look at the world with a wider view. My relationship with Chicago won't never change. The South Side of Chicago is what made me who I am, so that relationship will always will be in my heart, in my blood.

Are there any artists who haven't worked with yet that are on your list? Who are they?

Rihanna! That's the list [laughs]. She's a talented artist.

Your lyrics frequently reference paranoia stemming from fake friends, the authorities, and the music industry. How do you cope with that on the day-to-day?

There is no way to cope with that! I just pray to Allah about it — that's my strategy.

Celebrate Your Small Circle With Lil Durk And Lil Reese’s “Distance” Video