Tomas Barfod’s “Better Than I Would” Looks For Timeless Beauty In Your Social Media Feed

The Better Than I Would EP is out now.

August 10, 2017

Tomas Barfod's "Better Than I Would," the title track from the Danish electronic musician's just-released EP, is a sunrise-tinted dancehall-inspired house track with glitched vocals chanting "better than I would by myself." The song's video, premiering today on The FADER, grows out of that fertile vulnerability. It's co-directed by Tomas and his wife Maria, who DJs as Fedty. Put together with clips sent from friends around the world, the Barfods have created a visual that proves the P.L.U.R. mindset shouldn't just stay on the dancefloor.


Tomas described the video's conception and meaning over email:

Music videos are always tough. Even if you have a huge budget they often end up sucking a bit, so I actually decided not to have a video for "Better Than I Would." But then me and my wife realized that our Instagram feed was a potentially magnificent video. We know a lot of fun people around the world so we asked some friends to make videos for us. I'm super happy about how it turned out. For me, the clips have a strong meaning because I know the story behind most of the frames, and I hope others will enjoy watching also.

For Maria, the underlying theme of the clip is an important one:

My idea was to take what I had in front of me and not to reinvent the wheel. I asked 10 of our friends around the world to sent me a clip of them, just however they liked, without too much room for thinking. I edited it so it had a flow with Tomas's music and voilá - a video was made. Really, we have truly amazing friends and maybe that is the whole thing and idea: surround yourself with magic and it will happen all by itself.

Tomas Barfod's new EP Better Than I Would is out now via Friends of Friends.

Tomas Barfod’s “Better Than I Would” Looks For Timeless Beauty In Your Social Media Feed