Members Of The NYPD Stood In Support Of Colin Kaepernick

“We applaud Colin and the men and women here today who are using their platforms to promote positive change.”

August 20, 2017

Since Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem last year in a protest against the oppressive violence towards people of color in the United States, he gained national media attention. While many praised him for his bravery and civil protest against police brutality and racism, many were quick to criticize him and call him "un-American" and "anti-police." This is despite the fact that Kaepernick plans on using alternative methods of social action in upcoming NFL seasons.


After last season, Kaepernick has not been signed to a team, and most view it as retribution for using his status as a NFL player for a platform for political change. As a result, many are rallying around Colin Kaepernick and his message.

On Saturday, 100 current and former members of the NYPD rallied in support of Kaepernick. The crowd of mostly Black law enforcement acknowledged that there is a huge problem with policing in the United States.

"As members of law enforcement, we can confirm that the issues that [Colin Kaepernick] is saying exist in policing and throughout the criminal justice system, indeed exist," said one member of the NYPD, while wearing and #ImWithKap t-shirt.

Those present at the press conference also sang the "Black National Anthem" in further support of Kaepernick and his message.

“I am here to support anyone who has the courage to stand up against injustice and oppression anywhere in this country and the world,” said NYPD whistleblower Frank Serpico.

Members Of The NYPD Stood In Support Of Colin Kaepernick