Watch St. Vincent Perform Her New Song “LA”

The artist revealed her new song during a performance in Tokyo.

August 20, 2017

St. Vincent performed at new song at a Tokyo performance on Saturday. The new track "LA" is the second of two new tracks she has released. She recently released the track "New York." The next leg of her tour "Fear The Future" will kick off in London in October.


In a recent profile with the Guardian, the writer shared a description of the song which sounded like it was about a breakup. But the piece did not specifically reveal who the song was about, and St. Vincent seems to believe that's for the better.

“I don’t love it when musicians speak about their records being ‘diaries’ or ‘therapy’,” said St. Vincent, to Tom Lamont for the Guardian. “It removes that level of deep instinct and imagination that is necessary in order to make something that transcends.”

Watch St. Vincent Perform Her New Song “LA”