03 Greedo Connects With PnB Rock For The “Beat That Thang Down” Video

The Watts, California native brings his rugged style to a club-ready anthem.

August 21, 2017

Over the past few years, on largely self-produced tapes like Purple Summer, 03 Greedo has set himself apart as one of the most exciting rap personalities in California. The Watts native has created undeniable love songs, homages to fallen friends, and resiliency anthems that stick as a result of his talents as a distinctive storyteller.


On "Beat That Thang Down," Greedo connects with PnB Rock and his aim is wider than the Jordan Downs projects where he grew up. The video, which premieres on The FADER today, finds the two artists in a lavish mansion, surrounded by friends and beautiful women. Still, below the song's explicit surface are references to where he came from and the opportunities now in front of him.

"I seen PnB Rock in a club," Greedo explained to The FADER over email. "My manager wanted me to do a song with him so I told him, "There go PnB who you wanted me to do the song with," and he walked over to him and got his contact. Next day he wanted some weed so he pulled up to my porch and hung with me and my peoples. We took him to the projects and he seen Jordan Downs, hopped out and took pictures with people in the projects.

We recorded the song later that night. We two artist from different coast who both had similar struggles. I did time, he did time, and we both been homeless so we related to each other in that aspect. This video is us both looking at each other saying, "Damn we made it out.'"

03 Greedo Connects With PnB Rock For The “Beat That Thang Down” Video