Brockhampton Share Saturation II

The boyband dropped Saturation in June.

August 24, 2017


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Brockhampton might be the most prolific boyband in recent history. The group just dropped their second album Saturation II after giving us their debut album Saturation less than three months ago. The band is lead by Kevin Abstract and is currently a 17-member collective of rappers, producers, and visual artists. To get fans ready for the project, the group released music videos for their tracks “Follow,” “Sweet,” “Gummy,” "Junky," and “Swamp," all in August.


The boyband gets its name from Kevin’s old address in Corpus Christi. Its members come from different cities across the globe and connected in San Marcos, Texas before making their move to Los Angeles.

The album art was designed by the group's graphic designer Hencock and depicts rapper Ameer Vann sitting in a white car. With this project and its last, Brockhampton brings a refreshing approach to hip-hop and defies some traditional restraints of the genre. Earlier today Abstract tweeted “i say i’m gay on every song and talk about how my mom won’t accept me poor Kevin.”

Brockhampton also has an app where fans can check out exclusive content including a rehearsal video. Their Viceland series American Boyband premiered back in June, and they will be touring across the U.S. in September. Check out Saturation II here.

Brockhampton Share Saturation II