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Charly Bliss Found Diner Heaven On Long Island

Watch the Brooklyn band go on a mission to discover the best eats beyond the Kings County line.

August 24, 2017

Listening to their music might make you think Charly Bliss survive on a diet of nothing but snow cones and old Weezer records, but the pop-punk superheroes actually pride themselves on their adventurous eating habits. “I’d say half the excitement for us is getting to try different foods in different cities. Honestly, for me it’s like 50% of the fun of traveling and being in a band,” says drummer Sam Hendricks. He's only half joking.


The bandmates all spend a lot of time in Brooklyn, so they hooked up with New York's Blue Point Brewing Company and The FADER for a chance to escape the city and go deep into the best of what L.I. has to eat and drink. First stop: the iconic Jackson Diner, one of the very first Indian restaurants in Queens and standard bearer of the diverse food paradise that is NYC’s Jackson Heights neighborhood. Skip the pancakes and go for the naan instead, because this diner has one of the most legendary Indian buffets on the island. Dig in with Charly Bliss.

Charly Bliss Found Diner Heaven On Long Island