These 5 Art Instagrams Will Brighten Up Your IG Feed

Ranging from illustration to painting and graphic design.

August 25, 2017

Museums and galleries are not the end-all be-all of satiating your art desires; social media offers an option that can save you pricey admission fees and overcome the obstacle of geography. To amplify your creative visual intake, we've collected a handful of dope artists — varying between the mediums of paint, illustration, graphic design, and beyond — that go ham on the 'gram.


Scroll down and be inspired.

1. Polly Nor

You may have seen her work before in memes, but Polly Nor creates incredibly thoughtful and relatable illustrations that address the body, sexuality, mental health, and demons — literally and figuratively.

2. Mohamed Suliman

Mohamed Suliman's super clean designs have psychedelic and futuristic qualities, all while balancing =deep sereneness and chaos.

3. Janiva Ellis

Jeniva Ellis's paintings explore race by way of semi-abstracted figures, rendered with undeniable technique.


Just as his name suggests, NEW PABLO's work is reminiscent of Picasso's signature cubist style, but with a contemporary flare.

5. Ram Han

If you're seeking art that is both dreamy and disturbing — we're also feeling some Lisa Frank vibes — Ram Han is an artist you should know.

Posted: August 25, 2017