Get To Know Mo Gilligan, The Hilarious London Comedian Co-Signed By Drake

An introduction to the man behind “Julie bring me a couple cans.”

August 29, 2017

Enjoying this "Julie bring me a couple cans" weather today

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Drake's love affair with London culture is well documented. The 6 God was back in the U.K. last weekend, appearing with Giggs at a festival and BBK at the O2 on a busy Sunday. It was one Instagram post that captured attention among some fans though, specifically its caption.


The picture, seen above, shows Drake and Giggs backstage at Reading Festival. The caption reads "Enjoying this "Julie bring me a couple cans" weather today." The phrase was both a reference to the sun being out and also a major co-sign for Mo Gilligan, a.k.a Mo The Comedian.

Gilligan has been a stand-up comic on the British scene for around six years. However, he has blown up in 2017 thanks to a series of hilarious characters and sketches that he started sharing on social media at the end of last year. His most popular character right now is "The Geezer," whose "coupla cans" catchphrase Drake was quoting on the 'Gram.

The Geezer, like most of Gilligan's characters, is keenly observed and very funny. This specific role is a parody of a middle aged white guy from east London who thinks "it's like Jamaica" every time the sun is shining and shouting to his partner to "get a coupla cans in." Check out an example below to get the picture.

Everybody likes the Sunshine

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Drake first picked up on the comedian back in April, and began following him on Instagram. His love of Gilligan's work is another example, alongside a reported BBK membership and Stone Island clothing, of his adoption of London roadman culture.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Gilligan said: "It's amazing that someone like Drake, a platinum selling musician, has taken the time out to watch my stuff, let alone quote me in a picture with himself and Giggs for the world to see. My phone didn't stop going off.”

Drake isn't Gilligan's only famous fan either.

Gilligan regularly pokes gentle fun at the grime scene and his "Different Types of MC" series is among his most popular material.


Back when you went Youth Club and there was every type of MC

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Gilligan's other characters and one-off posts range from guys you see in the gym, or '90s pop stereotypes, to the girl who is missing her ex.

We've All Seen This Guy In The Gym

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Different Types Of Girls In A Night Club

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A post on Gilligan's website states that he has projects in development with Channel 4, BBC Three, and Comedy Central. In July he hosted a show on London's Radar Radio. There is recent precedent in the U.K. for viral hits to transfer successfully to TV, including pirate radio mockumentary People Just Do Nothing and Kayode Ewumi's #Hood Documentary.

Up next for Gilligan though is a national tour. Naturally, it's called the Coupla Cans tour and tickets are on sale now.

Get To Know Mo Gilligan, The Hilarious London Comedian Co-Signed By Drake