Cam’ron Really Loves His White Neighbors Now, If Anyone Was Wondering

KIlla ’Gram.

August 30, 2017

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Illustrious rapper, bonafide socialite, Academy Award-deserving actor, Cam'ron Ezike Giles might just be the king of Instagram. For years, the Harlem-bred Gagarin rapped about undisclosed sales in municipalities all across the States, but now, the 41-year-old rapper prefers to lay back in sunny settings like Los Angeles, Mexico, and more — which of course you would know if you follow Killa on the gram.


A frequent user of Instagram's Live feature, you can usually catch Cam checking in from his luxurious L.A. home or in the driver's seat of various foreign sports cars alongside his wife, Juju. Recently, he's even taken steps to become friends with some of his white neighbors, a process which he's been documenting on IG Live. If you've ever had white neighbors then you already know of the anxiety, stigmatization, and overall stress that comes with having white people in proximity to you. For Cam though, things are different. He's taken to befriending his blanche compatriots, opting to even take them for spins in his car, listening to their old tales, and helping them run their errands.

Take a peek at some compiled Instagram Live footage below, and be sure to follow the New York legend on Instagram for all future episodes of Cam'ron And His White Neighbors.

Cam’ron Really Loves His White Neighbors Now, If Anyone Was Wondering