These 8 Text-Heavy Tees Will Help You Speak Volumes

Be loud.

September 01, 2017

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but at times nothing can beat a straightforward, written message. Just a few weeks ago, Frank Ocean made an impact by way of his "WHY BE RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC OR TRANSPHOBIC WHEN U COULD JUST BE QUIET?" t-shirt at Panorama Music Festival. Slogan t-shirts have been around forever, but these days they're being used for a variety of empowering purposes. Take this tee from ASHISH, pictured above in all its shimmery, evocative glory.


Scroll down for a stacked round-up of apparel that speaks volumes.

1. Flex your emotional vulnerability

Translating to "Innocent Heart," this Atelier New Regime tee is a tender testament to love.

2. Dismantle beauty standards

Greenbox Shop apparel promotes messages about race, gender, and sexuality that can no longer be ignored. Shop here to combat brainwashing.

3. Make gentrifiers uncomfortable

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Perico Limited is not shy about making certain groups feel uncomfortable in the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem. If you vibe with their locals-only mentality, cop a tee here.

4. When you simply cannot

yard666sale has a hoard of apparel embroidered with eyebrow-raising messages — take their "Don't Do School" slip for example — but wearing this one will get the job done if you're having one of those days.

5. Tell it like it is

This tee by Fuck Art Make Tees may be harsh, but it's also relatable.

6. This one goes out to Big Brother

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The "All Eyes On Me" tee from Homies Wonderland prompts us to consider who are subjects of surveillance and who has access to privacy.

7. If you're a woman on your grind

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For all the ladies in the place with their eyes on the prize, WORKING GIRL by MATTE Brand has you covered here.

8. Walk up in the club like

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If you need to send a reminder about personal space, cop this O-MIGHTY tee here.

These 8 Text-Heavy Tees Will Help You Speak Volumes