Steve Lacy And Issa Rae Look Bomb In Bell Bottoms — And So Can You

Get in on the it-pants of the season.

September 05, 2017

Just days ago, Illegal Civilization dropped a calmly cool look book that featured their new collection. Within it was something magical: The Internet's Steve Lacy seated atop a '70s vehicle, sporting what appears to be corduroy flare pants. In past years, the bell bottom has been an underutilized and under-appreciated silhouette — especially in menswear. Let's change that ASAP.


Here are three easy ways to breathe new life into this classic trend.

1. Don't be afraid to go bright

Insecure creator Issa Rae stepped out in these fall-ready flares earlier this year.

These billowy, radiant flares from Nasty Gal are guaranteed to turn heads, especially if you take a note from Issa and pair them with a muted top.

2. Play it safe with denim

Taking the denim route is the easiest way to incorporate bell bottoms into your wardrobe — cop this pair from Phlemuns to get in on the look.

3. Honor your wild side with a printed pair

We've already established that printed pants are the key to amping up your style, but you definitely snag extra cool points for combining that with the bell bottom trend. Go boldly in this leopard print pair from Disco Hunnys.