Listen To Mal Devisa’s Superb “Crowd Pleaser”

“Start talking low to me, but you can’t handle my energy.”

September 06, 2017
Listen To Mal Devisa’s Superb “Crowd Pleaser” Photo courtesy of Mal Devisa/Facebook

Massachusetts-based indie artist Deja Carr a.k.a. Mal Devisa has unveiled a fresh track called "Crowd Pleaser." The song is driven by the sound of menacing horns and humming while Carr sings about someone emitting bad energy. The soulful tune appears to be a collaboration with Alex Epton and Brooklyn producer Tony Seltzer, the man behind Wiki's newly released No Mountains in Manhattan album.


Last year, Carr self-released her first full-length album titled Kiid. This month, she's set to perform in New York at Trans-Pecos on September 16 and Le Poisson Rouge on September 23. "Crowd Pleaser" is available to download on Bandcamp.

Stream the track in full, below.

Listen To Mal Devisa’s Superb “Crowd Pleaser”