Sinéad O’Connor To Open Up About Mental Health Issues With Dr. Phil

“I am fed up of being defined as the crazy person.”

September 07, 2017

Sinéad O’Connor will make a public appearance on Dr. Phil to address her ongoing battle with mental illness. Dr. Phil McGraw formally announced the exclusive interview last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the show, McGraw revealed that O'Connor contacted him for help with treatment. He also claims that she wants to "destigmatize mental illness" and use her life as a "teaching tool" for other struggling musicians.


Last month, the Grammy Award-winning singer caused a stir when she randomly uploaded an alarming video on Facebook confessing the state of her mental health from a motel in New Jersey. Shortly after the video was posted, Fiona Apple spoke out in support of O'Connor in a video of her own.

O'Connor's new manager, Anna Sala, recently told that the artist is "under treatment and she's very happy." reports that the Irish artist was staying at a treatment center recommended by Dr. Phil, but she recently criticized the staff for not properly monitoring suicidal patients in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

“He’s a good doctor and a great therapist, an angelic heart,” she said. “Dr. Phil you’re being fooled by the center you’re sending people to which you’re telling us is the best center on Earth.”

O'Connor's episode of Dr. Phil is scheduled to air on September 12. Watch a preview in the video, above.

Sinéad O’Connor To Open Up About Mental Health Issues With Dr. Phil