Listen To Always Never’s First Hit, “Call Me Over”

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September 08, 2017

Always Never just released their first single, “Call Me Over,” paired with two more glossy and exaltant tracks. It’s hard not to think of the mystery of early Weekend watching their debut video, an ambiguous and blown-out clip that only gives away so much — they’re #iPhone not #Android lol, and the Messages are piling up.


“‘Call Me Over’ is the prelude to a longer story,” the group told The FADER. “Feelings of lust, betrayal, fear and anxiety had their way of seeping into every part of every song. It’s never about wanting to make a specific type of song, but rather just venting your emotions and letting it come together as it should.

“The EP feels very authentic to us because it came together so organically. We wrote, produced, sang, and recorded each song completely ourselves. Making each one a nostalgic photograph that brings us right back to a certain place and time in our lives.”

Got a pretty good feeling we’ll be hearing more. Sick start.

Listen To Always Never’s First Hit, “Call Me Over”